West Clare Family Resource Centre

We are a community led organisation based in Kilrush here in West Clare and our vision for West Clare is a place where everyone is equally valued, included, safe and respected.

Everyday we work to achieve our mission which is to work to promote social inclusion, equality and empowerment of families and communities through building participation, teamwork and learning. We also provide social, physical and educational activities whcih will improve the quality of life of older people in West Clare.

Here in the West Clare Family Resource Centre we

……… value diversity and believe everyone is worthy of respect and equal consideration.

……… believe in working and learning together to build strong communities.

…….. believe in the active participation of people who experience social exclusion.

…….. support people to take more control of the direction of their lives, their families lives, their communities and their environment.

This website will introduce you to the work we do and help keep you informed of our weekly groups and other events. Please feel free to contact us or drop in.

Thank you