Brief History of the West Clare Family Resource Centre
In the year 2000 a group of local people, with an interest in the welfare of their community, came together with the vision of creating a place where everyone is equally valued, included, safe and respected.
This group of people formed a voluntary board of management and following an intensive training programme on the roles, responsibilities and all aspects of being board members were successful in securing funding to establish the Kilrush Family Resource Centre. This was based initially in Glebe House and in 2003 relocated to the Community Centre, next door to the Kilrush Library from where we operate to the present day. By 2005 there were three full-time staff working with the community of Kilrush Town.

As time progressed the demands on the family resource centre grew in number and variance and came from all over West Clare. In 2013 the name of the family resource centre was changed to reflect this and became West Clare Family Resource Centre.

During this period in 2008 the Supports and Services to Over 55’s Project was established to meet the needs of people over 55, and this project now employs a manager, administrator and fiver part-time outreach workers.

The West Clare Family Resource Centre works from a broad understanding of “family”, not only incorporating parents and children, but grandparents and extended family members and also the relationships between family and community. As a community led and needs based organisation, the West Clare Family Resource Centre continues to work to promote social inclusion, equality and empowerment of families and communities. The Centre believes that through providing social, physical and education activities and supports, the quality of life of all people will be improved.